Clean Shakti : Advanced Toilet Cleaner

A Quick Action formulation that has been specially developed to remove germs, bacteria, heavy stain and scales from western & Indian toilets. The product effectively brightens toilet bowls & urinals and also neutralizes unpleasant odors with its Mystic Rose fragrance.

Clean Shakti : Hard Surface Cleaner

A great solution to clean hard surfaces like sealed wooden floor, plastics, table tops etc. The Surface Cleaner by Clean Shakti is an effective formulation that cleans surfaces & gets them rid of grease, stains & bacteria.

Clean Shakti : Glass Cleaner

Formulated to defeat tough glass stains & marks so you can have sparkling windows at your home or office. The Clean Shakti Glass Cleaner is also suitable to be used on other laminated & painted surfaces so that streak-free shine without any film.